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CRM data sync

There are hundreds of CRM products on the market, we integrate directly with the most popular









We also provide smart import templates, allowing you to sync your essential candidate and placement data with our platform.

Accounting made easy

Seamless integration with the financial backbone of your business operation. Create invoices in seconds saving you time. Purchase/sales invoice batching formats supported for popular tools.

We also provide general exports for pay-bill, accounts system export, payment CIS, Payment, invoice, invoice summary and sales ledger.

Sage ACCPAC Purchase Invoice/Sales Invoice Export, PA/PI/SI Audit Trail, 200 (PI / PP) Purchase Invoice / Payment Export, 200 (SI) Invoice Export ✔ 
QuickBooks Invoice Export Reckon, Payment Export  ✔ 
Access Horizon supplier, purchase trans, customer, sales transation ✔ 
Bficient Payment Export, Purchase Invoice Export,  Invoice Export ✔ 
Bibby E3, E3 Aus,  E3 with PO Number, Invoice/Payment Export  E3 Version 5, Payment Summary ✔ 
MYOB Pay Invoice Card Export MYOB, Pay Invoice Export MYOB (+ old), Invoice Card Export MYOB (Optional), Invoice Export MYOB (+ older versions) ✔ 
Navision Export Navision ✔  
Sun Purchase Invoice Export, Sales  Invoice Export ✔  
Xero Invoice Export , Payment Export ✔  

We integrate directly with the cloud based tool Xero



speak-open.png I would definitely recommend using etz with Xero. Our system is now very scalable and allows for large numbers of contractor growth without necessarily increasing resources to handle this  speak-close.png

Emile Chantiri, IT Talent

Payroll made simple

Paying your contrators directly and need to get data into your payroll system? Exports available at a click by using one of our custom templates
General Payroll Pay-Bill Report, Bill Report CSV Output, Accounts System Export, Payroll Summary ✔ 
DBIT Payroll Export, Timesheet Export  ✔ 
MYOB Payroll MYOB Employee Card Export / (Optional), Payroll Export ✔ 
Payroll Acrede Payroll Export ✔ 
Star Payroll New Ratecode / with split ✔ 
Tempest Export ✔ 
Quickbooks Payroll Timesheet Export Reckon/Quickbooks ✔  
Sage Payroll Payroll Sage (Aspose), Sage Payroll ✔  
Tempaid Export ✔  

BACS / SWIFT payments

We have banking exports out-of-the-box setup for you to stream-line your processes 

Albany Albany BACS ✔ 
Barclay Barclays BACS ✔ 
Clydesdale Clydesdale BACS ✔ 
HSBC Hex4w BACS File Export, Swift File Export (Eurozone/Priority) ✔ 
Lloyds Swift Euro, Swift International, BACS, BACS II (Bottom Line) ✔ 
Natwest Swift Export, Natwest Domestic, Natwest International ✔ 
PayAway PayAway BACS ✔  
Yorkshire Bank Yorkshire Bank BACS ✔  


(Applies to UK only)

Factoring / invoice discounting

Easy exporting if you use invoice discounting or factoring. Contact us for more details

“The customer service and support was excellent and at each stage we had a named contact who was incredibly responsive, understood how the product worked on a practical day to day basis and could give us best practice advice to use the product to its full capabilities.”

Craig Barrass

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Our Awesome API

We offer a flexible API that allows customers to create their own integrations with 3rd party systems. The etzPlatform is vastly superior to the typical offerings you'll find from our competitors. It uses industry standard Open ID Connect authentification and we provide interactive test pages and documentation.