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etz Marketing Guidelines



We're pleased you've decided to partner with etz! 

Having a great landing page about your partnership and integration with etz will help generate new sales opportunities and explain both your product and etz to customers and prospects.

On this page, you'll find some guidelines to set up an etz partner page.


Write a brief description of the benefits your users will get from connecting your product with etz. Feel free to use the copy to the right for your page. Please note that etz is written in lower case; not using Etz or ETZ.

etz Technologies provides online timesheets and invoicing for the smart recruitment business. With no hidden fees or lock-in contracts, etz's SaaS platform is a simple, automated and effective way to manage all of your back office operations.


Include a link in this format:

Find out more or to book a demo visit etztec.com

< a href="http://www.etztec.com" > link < / a >

etz logo


Monochrome images can be inversed or greyscale to fit with your site design.

Minimum size of logo circle is 55px.

Main green logo not to be changed

ETZ_LOGO_RGB_72dpi ETZ_Strapline_Stacked_RGB_72dpi ETZ_Strapline_Horizontal_RGB_72dpi

ETZ_LOGO_black    ETZ_Strapline_Stacked_black         ETZ_Strapline_Horizontal_black

Approval Required

Any marketing materials created with the use of etz's logo or branding must be submitted to and approved by etz's marketing team before publication.
For more infomation please contact our Marketing Team [email protected]